Add more value to Jira issues with our custom field suite

Custom fields like multi level cascading select, prioritization, project progress, WSJF, shirt sizes and many more.


Use cases


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Greater user experience in every Jira issue​

Our goal is to enhance the overall experience for any Jira user by improving visibility, look and feel of Jira issues with easy to use and configure Custom Fields. We improve existing functionality, add more based on customer feedback to make Jira more valuable for any business that uses Jira.


Through Awesome Customs Fields every Jira user is enabled to fill Jira Issues with value and content. Through simple and intuitive creation and use of the field types, every user can contribute to the added value of Jira in the company and ensure a tidy, visually appealing picture.

Added Functionality

Especially in the Agile context or in the application of Agile methods, Awesome Custom Fields extends Jira Issues with essential field types that simplify the easy living and implementation of Agile values, especially for companies outside the software world.


Transform the tristesse of Jira Issues into simple and intuitive fields with appealing visuals, comprehensive settings options, and perfect compatibility, regardless of how you use Jira.

Get out the best of the framework of Jira in your company enviroment.

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Countless use cases

Jira is a brilliant tool – primarily for technical people. We want it to be super handy for anyone: the Super Admin and typical user – with practical and easy-to-use extended custom fields for your Jira. Beautiful!


Perfect overview and integration

Our App Dashboard is the single source of truth. Create, edit and see the usage of all custom fields created with our app. All necessary tools in one place. And: All fields work perfectly with your JQL search. Try it out


Perfectly integrated in your JQL Workflow

Filter, sort and save your labels in a familiar way using powerful JQL logic including intelligent suggestions. Use the labels to create beautiful views in the dashboard, on custom views or wherever JQL is used.


Get your awesome custom fields!

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Mehr Informationen

Selected field types

Awesome Custom Fields is designed to deal with a wide range of possible use cases in context of using Jira. Discover where you can use your awesome custom fields.

Cascading Select

Edit unlimited multi-level selections in an intuitive way with Awesome Custom Fields.


Prioritize your issues to produce maximum economic benefit for your company.

Color Labels

Style up your issues by using pretty color labels to get the most beautiful site of Jira.

Progress Bar

Define static progress by manually adjusting the bar to get a fast overview about the your issues.


Easily establish a hierarchy of priorities during a project through the method named „Moscow“.

Traffic Lights

Get access to a simple way to display the project status with an intuitive traffic light framework.


Through our app you bypass a cumbersome manual calculation of the WSJF value using Jira. Get the required value fully automated with Awesome Custom Fields.


With the ability to store validated phone numbers in Awesome Custom Fields, you have the ability to contact responsible people directly from an issue.


By using Awesome Custom Fields you can quickly, effortlessly, and intuitively add any complex and deep structure of a cascading select to any Jira issue.


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